I Know Things Now

There are things that I have come to understand about the universe. In a nutshell we are extensions of Source Energy and we have come to this physical reality to create. Create with absolute joy!

I’m sure that a lot of you have come across a little book called ‘The Secret’ which is a great way to start understanding the Law of Attraction. However when I read ‘The Secret’ I had no idea of where to begin and how to go about manifesting. If anything, it made me terrified of my thoughts. It wasn’t until a book called ‘Ask and it is Given’ literally landed onto my path that I began to understand how we go about deliberately creating our own reality. The book is written by a married couple called Esther and Jerry Hicks. The difference with this book is that Esther channels a family of non-physical beings called Abraham who’s intention is to remind us of the Laws of the Universe. Are you still with me?! Esther and Jerry’s connection with non-physical came about from reading another collection of books that was written by a married couple called Jane Roberts and Robert Butts who also channeled a non-physical entity who called himself Seth. This may sound too far fetched, or it may not, but there is something about these teachings that certainly has awoken something that has been laying dormant inside of me for a very long time. 

I was pretty lost before I came across these powerful teachings. I was ‘bobbing along’, blaming this person or that event for my misfortunes. I was spiralling down into a pit of darkness and misery, desperately searching for the light. I admit that my eyes have been open for a few years now, I understood that there was more to this world than getting up, going to work and sleeping. I just knew that there had to be more. The first book that opened up the spiritual path for me was ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle. It came at a time when I was screaming for help and answers, the person I was at the time did not sit well with me. I didn’t realise that subconsciously I was asking for spiritual help, that always seemed a bit too hippy for me. From that point my life drastically changed and I started to attract like minded souls and my spiritual path started to unfold. Yet there was still something that I wasn’t quite getting. I trusted the universe, if anything I was at the mercy of what I thought it was throwing at me. And then Abraham came along and it all started to click into place, the teachings were clear to me. I am responsible for everything that unfolds on my path for I am the creator of my own reality. How powerful is that?! For some people this strikes absolute terror within them but it fills me with happiness, freedom and peace. 

So how do we go about creating our own reality? There are three stages: 

  1. You ask
  2. The answer is given
  3. You let it in

The first two steps are simple. A desire is born, you offer a vibration and the universe hears and acknowledges your request. It’s the third step that trips a lot of us up, myself included! 

Our emotions are the big players here. They are wonderful indicators as to how far or close we are to becoming a vibrational match to our desire. The worse you feel, the further away you are. We hold many beliefs that prevent us from allowing certain things onto our path. But beliefs are just fiction masquerading as fact. If you believe that life is a struggle then you will attract experiences that will prove this. If you believe that the doughnut will make you fat, then it will make you fat. Yet how many people do you know that eat the doughnut and don’t get fat? Well, that’s because they hold a belief that it won’t even touch the sides! Everything that we experience matches the beliefs we hold. The aim then is to recognise what beliefs you have and if you feel like they are not serving you then start to change them. Believe and know with all your might that the doughnut is like eating a piece of lettuce! (If doughnuts are your thing of course). Easier said than done but there are many processes out there to help. 

What I am starting to understand is that life is supposed to be fun. We’re here to joyfully create. To enjoy the expansion of our desires (because they never stop!). Let a new desire be born and then get off of the subject. You wouldn’t plant your vegetables and then continuously stamp on them. Enjoy your life and let the universe orchestrate experiences that will bring your requested desire with ease and fun. 

This blog was born out of my desire to find joy. I journal for hours every day, so why not share what I’m learning. I’m already feeling excited about what will unfold here.

Rather than focus on the lack of your manifestation, focus on what’s already here. Feel the excitement of your desire NOW, feel the alignment NOW. All of our desires are born because we think that we will feel better and happier with the manifestation of them. The key is to feel the joy that you think it will bring you NOW. That’s what I meant earlier about becoming a vibrational match. We are vibrational beings who offer a vibrational frequency whenever a desire is born. Think of it like a radio frequency, you can’t listen to 98.9fm if you’re stuck on 87.5fm. Keep it simple, get out of the way and let the universe bring you what you know that you deserve. 


One thought on “I Know Things Now

  1. Darling Ryan,
    Tears of joy and inspiration flow freely as I read this beautifully honest piece of writing.
    Bravo and thank you, my dear friend, for sharing this with us.
    With love and support always,


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