Something’s Coming

The flow.

Does that mean anything to you? It certainly didn’t mean a thing to me a while back. I was blissfully unaware of the laws of the universe. Laws? The universe has laws? What are you talking about?!

Maybe we’ll back track a bit.

My name is Ryan, I’m 25 and I live in London. I grew up in Bristol and I moved to Guildford when I was 18 to train as an actor. It was all pretty straight forward initially until ‘reality’ sunk in when I left drama school and it took me just under 3 years to get my first break. I didn’t really understand why at the time. Audition after audition, endless rejection. Where am I going wrong? Am I crap? Am I ugly? Should I just give up? Sound familiar?

Well It turns out that my first job was a show that I had wanted to be in for years. A show that I had put a lot of thought into, I had dressed on it, I had even worked as a stage manager on it. I knew that it made sense that I should be in the show, I got a little cocky about it in fact. I deserve to be in that show! It ended up aligning at the perfect time, of course, and the ‘coincidences’ surrounding the event were almost too good to be true. You see, I have learnt a really exciting secret: we are the creators of our own reality.

We create our own reality?! What?! Why would I allow all this bad stuff to happen to me if I created my own reality? Don’t be so ridiculous Ryan!

But trust me, it’s true. In fact, it’s exactly why we’re here. Now I know that I’m being very vague at this stage, there’s a lot to understand and I’m still learning myself. I’m hoping that by sharing my journey and discoveries that I can help others fully realise their desires. There are endless amounts of Blogs out there describing an actors struggle to find work but I am understanding that there are so many forces at play here. This is my spin on an actors journey. An actors spiritual journey.


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